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The creation of the over-and-under Zoli Kronos is the result of both extensive research and refinement, on behalf of our passionate and expert technicians. The Zoli Kronos has set new standards in terms of performance, reliability, comfort, ergonomics and style. The Kronos is recognised as a gun with a combination of dynamic and ballistics skills which integrate perfectly together.

The Kronos is fitted with a monoblock action made of forged stainless steel, with a detachable trigger group, Boss-type lock and a fully interchangeable stock. Its balanced design means that the Kronos is comfortable to hold, shoot and control with ease.

Gun test: Zoli Kronos Sporter

It also boasts great ballistics, a widely recognised feature of all Zoli guns — ensuring state-of-the-art performance. Zoli has been manufacturing barrels in-house for more than 50 years, and this component has always been considered key to ensure the best ballistics in a gun. We can proudly say that our barrels do not just offer the best ballistics, but also manage to combine it with the best comfort, which means high performance, low recoil: a winning combination!

The Zoli Kronos is the outcome of many factors coming together; high quality materials, rigorous production cycles, expert staff, tight tolerances and crucially: in-house barrel production.

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Please take a moment to check out the thread here: Trapshooters. Previous Thread Next Thread. Joined: Sep 18, Messages: 80 Location: Lisle. Looking into my next purchase, and I've been doing pretty heavy research into it. I think I've settled on a zoli z sport, and this will probably be my last shotgun purchase for a long time. It will be used mostly for trap, but also sporting and 5 stand. I don't see too much real world info on these.

For those who have spent some good trigger time behind them - how do you like them? How do they hold up with extended use? How is quality control? How is the customer service? Thanks, Dave. Remove Advertisement. Joined: Apr 4, Messages: 1, Great guns but for the price I Think you can do better. Bat GuacamoleSep 23, True-Pair thanked this. What are you thinking that would be a better buy? I didn't mention, but I'd be buying used, so I'd be looking in the k range.

I am very much a fan of the high adjustable rib and comb. Joined: Mar 9, Messages: 9, Dave, While I have not shot one of these guns. I hear very good reviews about them from there current owners.Looking for a clay-shooting gun that's a bit out of the ordinary? Then the Zoli Kronos might be the one for you. The modern day company was founded in but Zolis have been making guns here since the 14th century.

Early on the company specialised in replicas of historic muzzle-loaders and manufacturing rifle-shotgun combos. They also double-barrelled and bolt-action rifles but quality shotguns have always been a focus.

Today the factory uses modern engineering and computer technology to produce fine guns — in conjunction with traditional craftmanship. The importing issue is now solved however. The Zoli Kronos shotgun comes in sporter and trap versions.

You could use the sporter for skeet but it is on the heavy side for regular field shooting. It would be alright in a pigeon hide though.

Zoli, Antonio & Co. Shotguns for sale

The action itself is a strong, steel forging designed in the English Boss over-and-under tradition. Locking is with a two-pronged bolt which engages with bites in the rear end of the chambers aligned with the centre line of the bottom barrel.

There is also a bottom lug below the rear of the chambers which engages with a recess in the action floor. This arrangement ensures a very secure and mechanically efficient lock-up, quite the equal to the systems provided by other top Italian manufacturers such as Beretta and Perazzi. Ejectors are of the spring-loaded design and activated by rods running through the side-walls of the action.

A one-piece cocking lever is driven by a cam on the fore-end iron. The strikers run in sleeves to ensure a smooth forward movement, and the sleeves feature vent-holes to help get rid of any high-pressure gases that may escape should a primer become punctured at the moment of firing.

I was impressed that the designers have managed to keep the action slim when you consider that the gun has a drop-out trigger group. A broad action can result in one of two issues: either thick wood at the head of the stock to accommodate the width, or thin and fragile wood with a normal-width stock featuring a broad action cut-out.

Removal requires the slackening of a grub screw with the T-headed Allen key supplied with the gun. It also means for some shooters the replacement of a tired or broken mainspring could be a relatively simple DIY job. On most other guns such a procedure means the removal of the stock, and other work usually best left to gunsmiths.

The tumblers do not immediately rebound after firing, the firing pins being withdrawn from the fully-forward position by the locking bolt pressing the hammers back when the top lever is opened.

Zoli Z Sport Reviews from owners

A recoil-driven inertia mechanism transfers the single trigger to the second barrel, and barrel selection is by a rocking switch in the safety thumbpiece, very similar in outward appearance to the mechanism used by Beretta. The exterior of the action is finished in black, with all of the internal parts brightly polished.Discussion in ' Shooting Related Threads ' started by emm2Jul 7, Log in or Sign up.

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Zoli shotguns

Any subversion of these rules will result in action taken against your account. Attention: We have put together a thread with tips and a tutorial video to help with using the new software. Please take a moment to check out the thread here: Trapshooters. Previous Thread Next Thread. Joined: Jan 27, Messages: What are peoples thoughts on Zoli shotguns?

Good, bad, save your money for a better gun? Thanks in advance. Remove Advertisement. Joined: May 25, Messages: 27, They must be ok. I even know a guy who shoots a really nice K gun thinks about replacing it with a Z.

If not mistaken, I think the gun is made in same city Berscia IT as Perazzi, Gamba and several other brands with what has to be the greatest concentration of gun craftsmanship on the planet. I had a friend who passed a while back and he had two and really liked them. Last edited: Jul 7, Rick BarkerJul 7, Joined: Mar 26, Messages: Zoli Z guns are the best buy on the market. They have a well proven and compact lock up design, their barrels are induction brazed together so that they never separate, and are famous for correct point of impact.

They come with choice of finish and good looking wood without extra charges. Best of all they are ultra reliable, soft shooting, balance and point nicely and have the very best service in Bullverde, Texas. Oh, did I mention price? Joined: Apr 22, Messages: 17, Location: Colorado.

zoli kronos

Harv ShellJul 7, Built in the same neighborhood as the Berettas and Perazzis. I have a couple of their older "Ritmo" models from the 's and they've served me well. A lot of similarities to an MX-8 Perazzi. The new Z-Gun is a really, really nice gun. There are a lot of folks in the sporting clays circuit using them. Tron thanked this.Fully adjustable trigger and removable mechanism and trigger weights Comes with 2 extra firing pins and springs Comes…. A rare find and a good looking gun with a breaking clay on each side of the receiver.

Very well suited to clay pigeon shooting. I can offer 12month warranty. Comes with 5 chokes and spare parts shown in picture. Great all round gun for clay and game. Pre owned Zoli Vulcano single trigger sidelock ejector, a beautiful hand engraved Italian sidelock with Forest Hunting scene picture. Circa 33 mm drop at comb 45mm drop at heel Number Good clean example of this high grade competition competition sporter, unbelievable handling gun, detachable trigger, a Perazzi in all but name!

Hardly used in pretty much mint condition complete with original case and chokes. If your not local to us we can transfer any gun to your local registered Firearms Dealer. Designed and built for hunting, both at home and abroad, the Zoli Game model is a complete package for the game shooter.

It boasts a striking aesthetic — equaling that of prestigious market contenders — and commands a performance reaching…. A very good example of this Italian built shotgun with detachable trigger unit and an adjustable comb. Complete with case and spares. A very nice example which was supplied by ourselves from new. Z - Sport from Zoli with 32" barells, detachable trigger mechanism, boss locking system and beautifull wood! Tremendous build quality with unbelievable handling from this top ….

A great value for money shotgun for all types of shooting. Comes with original chokes and 5 x teague chokes extra!! Comes with makers plastic case and owners manual. A Zoli Exedition EL in 12b. This gun is an ex demo gun and has had light use. These guns offer excellent value for money for the quality of build…. A Zoli Pernice 20b round action. This gun is an ex demo and had light use and represents amazing value for the quality craftmanship that goes into making every Zoli.

zoli kronos

Please call …. The gun has had very little use and has been well looked after by its previous owner. It is a very well suited shotgun for clay pigeon shooting…. A pretty example of this type, configured for trap shooting. The stock is well figured and in good condition - a custom stock was made for this gun so this stock….

Featuring silver soldered barrels and a Boss style action, this shotgun is built to last. This attractive gun features well figured stocks, and is supplied with case, 3 spare flush chokes, choke key and associated tools.

This gun is an ex-demonstrator which has had some light use. There are some small marks on the stock but is in a great condition overall.Ten years back, or thereabouts, the Kemen KM 4, the first really successful Perazzi clone arrived on the scene and made quite a splash not least because the likes of George Digweed and Richard Faulds achieved so much using the guns.

The Kemen looked much like a Perazzi, and shared a similar removable trigger-lock that was powered by leaf springs it was not the first Perazzi clone, of course. It handled very well. Notably, the stock shapes were rather different to the Perazzi - better suited to sporting clays - and the barrels tended to be lighter too. The Zoli Kronos looks rather like a Perazzi or Kemen - and imitation, as we all know, is the sincerest form of flattery. Zoli is a relatively well known name in the UK where we have seen both over and unders and side by sides bearing the name, usually targeted at the middle of the sporting market.

Zoli Pernice Round Body

The action is powered by coil rather than V springs. These changes keep the price well down. Coil springs, as also used in many Perazzis now, tend to be less prone to breaking than leaf springs although, the finest trigger pulls are usually associated with the older style of spring which, almost universally, is used by the makers of bespoke arms for this reason. That said, the trigger pulls on this gun and a Perazzi that I recently shot both coil spring guns were exceptionally good.

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Putting the gun under our microscope we might note that the barrels of the Kronos are, of course, monobloc - now almost universal as far as mass made over and unders are concerned. This gun came with both a flush fitting set and extended chokes 14 in total! The sighting rib has a modest taper and the side ribs are ventilated.

The barrels have been made well. Inside and out they look good. They are well blacked too. The internal bore diameter is This is significantly wider than many Italian guns It is my experience that a wider bore really does reduce effective felt-recoil as does the angle of the stock comb.

zoli kronos

The factory fitted multi chokes are well machined with, in the case of the extended set, lateral flutes instead of the usual knurling. The action of the Zoli is black which, of course, reminds one of a Perazzi or Kemen.

But, in the case of the Kronos, the border engraving makes it look a little different. The Kronos name is picked out in gold at the bottom rear of the action wall. It looks quite smart - but I think it would have looked better without the rather over dominant, broad, border engraved lines around the action walls. We have already noted that there is a detachable lock and it is removed by means of an Allen key, unlike the systems on a Perazzi pushing the safety forward beyond its normal position or a Kemen where there is a sliding bar that is pushed across to the rear of the trigger.

Frankly, it is a bit fiddly to remove the lock not to mention to replace of the Kronos, but this is a small quibble. Workmanship on this Zoli is generally good. Safety and top-lever are well shaped. I especially liked the shape and finish of the adjustable trigger polished steel.Posted: Tue Jan 02, am.

Both good guns; either will work well for clays. Balance and fit are subtly different; you need to shoot both before deciding. I tried both, ended up getting a Zoli. They're both good guns, but the Zoli worked better for me.

Posted: Tue Jan 02, pm. The Zoli wins in this case. Very good guns for their asking price. Posted: Sun Jan 14, pm. Had both, sold the Zoli. Hands down the Caeser Guerini, it just shot and handled better. Mine is the Summit LTD. Sporting, 32" 12 gauge, It has had several thousands of rounds put through it in the past several years, trouble free. Posted: Mon Jan 15, pm. Own both. It looks sexy, though, so maybe that's why I keep it.

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I had both also Maxxum Sporting and Zoli Z gun. To me it was not close I kept the zoli and sold the Caesar Guerini. I felt like the Guerini felt very much like a Browning and the Zoli feels very much like a Perazzi.

Posted: Sun Jan 21, pm.

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Posted: Mon Jan 22, am. And yes, a Zoli is almost as well balanced and shoots similar to a Perazzi. If blindfolded I would be hard pressed to tell the difference. Page 1 of 1.

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